“Finger In Every Pie Of Governance”: Bengal Governor Slams State Police

Jagdeep Dhankhar also urged the chief minister to address the issues flagged by him on a priority basis


Flagging the “custodial death” of a man whom the BJP has claimed to be its worker, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Sunday alleged that the state “politicised” police has “finger in every pie” of governance.

In a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Mr Dhankhar said the death of Madan Ghorai of Kanakpur village in East Midnapore district is yet another instance of “dehumanising torture, assault and death” in custody and asserted that such incidents, dotting the state, have assumed “horrendous proportions, impeaching the credibility of rule of law”.

“It is an open secret that politicised police has ‘finger in every pie’ of governance, a facet of police state,” Mr Dhankhar said.

Madan Ghorai was arrested on September 26 in connection with a kidnapping case.

The police had said he was in judicial custody and not in its custody as claimed by BJP.

“High time you redeem your constitutional oath and enforce rule of law, ensure ”democratic governance” in the state, make police and administration ”politically neutral” and accountable,” Mr Dhankhar wrote to the chief minister.

The governor also urged the chief minister to address the issues flagged by him on a priority basis.

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