Major Power Outage In Mumbai, Trains Held Up


Large parts of Mumbai are facing a power failure, due to which several trains have been held up. The outage, according to the city’s electricity supply board, is because of the “TATAs incoming electric supply failure”. Traffic signals at some areas too have stopped working.

Western Railway said the outage is due to a gird failure at Tata Power.

Such a large-scale power failure is unprecedented for the metropolis. The electricity supply was interrupted at 10:05 am.

“The electric supply is interrupted due to TATAs incoming electric supply failure. Inconvenience is regretted,” Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) tweeted.

Several suburban trains on the central line and the western line have been suspended.

“Mumbai suburban trains on CR held up due to grid failure. We will update ASAP. Kindly bear with us,” Central Railways tweeted.

Within minutes of the outage, people took to social media. Hashtags such as #powercut, #Mumbai and #poweroutage started trending on Twitter.

“Has everyone’s electricity gone?! I …what is going on? #Mumbai,” a user tweeted.

Another user wrote: “Wow the whole of Mumbai has an electricity cut and suddenly no one can take it anymore.”

Some were clueless with sudden outage. “Is it like a citywide powercut? #Mumbai #electricity,” read a tweet. 

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